I first fell in love with Japan when I opened my first art history text book and came across the arts and architecture of Japan. It was a dream fulfilled that I made it across the Pacific and began to experience some of those wondrous sites in person. I’ve been going annually ever since to explore and to fuel my soul with new inspiration along the way.

Even after all the years of working exclusively with the fabrics and designs of Japan, I still get a thrill every time I have a new fabric in front of me– pondering what lovely item it would make into. It was literally karma that my love of the arts– my sewing and quilting skills all came together and that my company Japanesque Accents was created.

My Japanesque Accents’ store brings to Etsy unique Oriental /Japanese / Asian themed handmade personal gifts and home decor items: wall decor quilts, pillows, tote bags, purses, fabric paperback book covers, coupon holders, small purse organizers and magnifiers– all individually hand crafted by myself out of imported Japanese design fabrics.

My collection caters to the customer who wishes to own their own small piece of Japan—whether it is something for the home as in a lovely wall hanging—maybe a pillow– or perhaps a small pouch that helps to keep you organized in your everyday life. I simply hope that with any item that you purchase that you too will share bit of the Japan mystique.

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